Here’s how to locate your serial number: 

  1. Make sure Joule is plugged in and connected. 
  2. Launch the Joule app and proceed to the main menu (tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left). 
  3. Tap Settings > My Joules > [Joule name] > About Device. 
  4. View under Circulator Serial Number. Voilà!

Here’s how to locate your serial number: 

1. On the Joule Turbo plug:

  • On the plug of your JouleTurbo unit, you will see a tag with a barcode and number below it. That number below is the serial number. 

2. On the Joule app:  

  • Make sure your Joule Turbo is plugged in and connected.
  • Launch the Joule app and proceed to the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Under appliances, select your Joules name-> about appliance. You will see your serial number listed here. 

There are a few reasons this could be happening which include: 

  •  You’ve entered an invalid original Joule Sous Vide serial number or a Joule Turbo Sous Vide serial number.
  • The original Joule Sous Vide serial number has already been used. This means that your unique serial number has already been submitted to receive the rebate. This may have occurred if you share a Joule with someone else or someone had previously paired with your same device and has taken advantage of the promotion using the serial number already. 
  • The purchase date is outside the promotional period.The dates of the promotion are May 1st, 2023, through 11:59 PM PST on June 30th. 2023. 
  • The price (before tax) for your Joule Turbo Sous Vide purchase is not $249.95. 
  • You’ve attached an invalid or illegible purchase receipt.  
  • The purchase receipt is from a non-participating retailer.  
  • Details on the receipt don’t comply with our terms and conditions.   


A valid proof of purchase means a receipt for a Joule Turbo Sous Vide from a qualified retailer that contains:

  1. The price on your receipt is $249.95(before tax) with payment type (cash, check or last 4 digits of Credit Card)
  2. The dates of purchase are within our promotional period (May 1st, 2023, through 11:59 PM PST on June 30th. 2023.)

Please note that paper invoices and photos of the product/box do not qualify.

If you are an original Joule Sous Vide owner and have already purchased a Joule Turbo Sous Vide at full retail price ($249.95) during the promotional period, submit a claim here to receive a $75 cash back rebate on a prepaid debit card.

 The promotion starts on May 1st, 2023, and ends at 11:59 PM PST on June 30th, 2023.  You have until July 31st, 2023 to submit your rebate claim.

This promotion is currently for the USA only.  

You should receive an email within 48-hours to let you know if your submission was approved. If you did not receive it, please check your Junk or Spam folder.

Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive the $75 cashback rebate on a prepaid debit card in the mail.

Click the Sign In link at the top right of the page. Click the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the dialog. Enter your email address and a temporary link will be emailed to reset your password.

Rebates from a manufacturer for items you purchase are tax free. They are viewed in the tax law as merely reducing the purchase price of the item.

You can access the real-time account balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the number on the back of the card.

Yes! We’d love for you to donate or gift your Joule Sous Vide to someone else. We recommend performing a factory reset if you’re giving it away. A factory reset restores Joule to its original settings, erasing your device’s name, Wi-Fi settings, and authentication information. The factory reset can be used to permanently remove ownership information and is recommended if you are giving your Joule away to someone else. 

    1. Plug in Joule. (If Joule is already plugged in from the previous step, unplug it and then plug it in again.) 
    2. Immediately press and hold down the top button for at least ten seconds, until the light begins blinking yellow. If the light does not begin to blink yellow, please unplug Joule and try again. (It may be necessary to press and hold the top button as you plug Joule in.) 
    3. Once the light becomes steady and white, the factory reset is complete. 

We aren’t able to accept your original Joule Sous Vide at this time.  If you no longer want your Joule Sous Vide, we recommend that you give it to a friend or donate it.

Yes! Pair your new Joule Turbo Sous Vide with the Joule app. The Joule app is home for all things connected cooking for the Joule Turbo Sous Vide and the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro. Check out the app:

Currently, you can’t pair your original Joule to the new app. We are assessing if this is a possibly for the future and will share more news with you if there are any updates.

For questions or concerns related to this rebate promotion, please visit https://brevillerebates.com/contact-us.